Loop Central recently had the chance to interview one of the hottest names in Trance scene right now – Ben Nicky. It’s the first time we get to see Ben Nicky live at The Toilet Hanoi. In this interview, Ben revealed some of his upcoming tracks, how he plans his time and share some of his experience to young DJs and Producers.

1. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you come to Vietnam?

Its the crazy people on the motorbike with their crazy boxes around them. I don’t know can they keep straight. And the traffic, I came here 5 years ago to Ho Chi Minh. I tried to cross the road but it took me one hour. They would not let me go. The first thing that comes to my mind is crazy but I love it here.

2. Can you tell us about your new track “Hotplate” with SCNDL?

It was kinda like I was starting my new label. I was in Australia with them and they are quite good friends. They kinda make Melbourne Bounce and I make Trance so we combined the two sound together. That was like the first release on the label. It just came about as a joke but we released it, it was good fun doing that.3. Can you share with us about some of your upcoming releases?

I have so many new tracks coming out and I’m gonna play 2-3 tonight. I got a remix of “Sunset Boulevard” gonna be out on Universal Record. I got a track with Kayzo, he is quite big in America. It gonna be Psy Trance meets Rock music that really cool. I’ve redone “Castle In The Sky” which is a classic Trance song. There are so many in my head I can’t even think but so many are coming out.

4. What do you think about the Trance music scene lately? especially Psy Trance?

There was a period for like maybe 10 years where not much had changed. It was the same kind of sounds. And I think for Psy Trance, a lot of the pure really good guys like Astrix and Vini Vici came into site. It kinda gave a bit of “life” to Trance music and they made it a bit more exciting. So for me, I don’t just play 1 type of Trance, I’d play Progressive, Techno, House, Uplifting Trance, Hardstyle, Reverse Bass, … I love everything. For me, it’s a great chance to play everything and be a little bit different. I don’t like to play the same kind of sounds for two hours, I think the crowd gets a bit bored. So I like to mix them off and have a bit of fun and experimenting. I called it “Open format Trance”, every kind of genres within Trance, I love it.5. How do you balance your work schedule and leisure time?

I don’t! I literally work as my life. If anyone follows me, I’m on an airplane every day. 3 or 4 times a week, I’m in a different country. I had to sacrifice a lot of my family-life and relationships to do this job. But then I hope in 3 or 4 years I can stop and retire so I can have a normal life for the rest of my life. People don’t realize this, they think it’s all glamorous but on your body, it’s very tiring. I do Vietnam today, China tomorrow and Tomorrowland on Sunday. This is a crazy schedule!

6. What’s your most memorable gig so far?

I might annoy the country by saying the wrong country. I think Belfast in Iceland is my biggest market. I do my own solo show with 6-7000 people there. That is probably one of my special places to go.

7. What’s your advice to upcoming producers and DJs?

Don’t copy anyone. Don’t try to be “I want to sound like this DJ or that DJ”. Just do your own thing, create your own identity and be different. Because if you’re just the same, you won’t be able to stand out. Don’t be scared to take risks, just have fun and be positive. Do what you want to do and it will always work itself out. It definitely works for me.Follow Ben Nicky

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Big thank you to The Toilet Hanoi for making this interview possible!

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