Loop Central recently had the chance to have a short conversation with SƠN, the first Vietnamese related producer ever to release on Hardwell’s label – Revealed Recordings. In this interview, SƠN explained his origins, how he started and plans for the future!

1. Who is SƠN?
Hey guys, first of all thanks for having me. My name is Sonny Nguyen, 22 years old and was born and live in Holland. My artist name is SƠN, and I make emotional progressive house. Most of you know me from my release on Hardwell’s label, but I also have tracks on Thrilling Music (110k subs) and AirwavemusicTV (1.1m subs).
SƠN (Right) The first Vietnamese related producer to release on Hardwell’s label – Revealed Recordings.
2. Why did you choose “SƠN” as your alias?
I chose SƠN because my Vietnamese name is Hoang Minh “Son” Nguyen. Also, my friends call me “son” often as a nickname. I am happy people recognize the name and see that I am Vietnamese 🙂
3. How did you start with music? and electronic music in general?
I started with music when I was a child. I have been playing piano since I was 6 years old and later started playing guitar too. In 2013-2014, I got into EDM because of Swedish House Mafia, and in 2015 I started to produce music with FL Studio. Another big influence for me was Felicity because of his emotional style. Also, shoutout to my producer friends at #NG who supported me from the beginning.
4. How did “Past Life” come about and how did you get the attention of Revealed Recordings?
Past Life started 1 year ago with a simple chord idea. When I finally made the melody I fell in love with the song. So I made a first version and sent it to Martyn. Martyn is a great producer, you guys should check him out! He took the track to another level and we finished it together. Then, end of 2017, I submitted the track on the Revealed recordings website, and in February 2018 they replied they wanted to sign the track! 🙂
5. What are your current future plans? What can your fans expect from you in 2018?
My plan is to keep doing what I love to do – making emotional prog house. Most important for me is that people feel a connection with the music – and hopefully give them energy or hope.
For 2018, I try to release as much new music as possible. I recently released a new track called “More” on AirwavemusicTV together with Starlyte & CHRSTN.
Plus, I have another one coming up soon!

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