Last month, Loop Central got the chance to catch up with the Danish House Music Veteran, DJ/Producer, Label Owner of Get Down Recordings, Kid Massive about his recent trip to Vietnam and advices he has for young, up & coming DJs/Producers.

1. How was your trip to Vietnam back in May? What do you remember the most about your trip to Vietnam?

It was my first tour of Vietnam and I was really impressed by the warm welcome I received from everyone I met on my travels. Apart from the amazing food of course, my shows in Hanoi at Camelia Lounge in Hanoi (nothing but glamorous beats in an amazing 5 star hotel setting) the brilliant rooftop House party at Upper Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City and the exotic beach side clubbing at Line Up – Mui Ne were all amazing! It was all about House Music, which was amazing as Asia can get quite commercial at times so it was great to play the music I really love.

2. What do you think about the House music scene in Vietnam?

With it being my first time here I didn’t really know what to expect but I soon realized that the Vietnamese crowd knew and wanted to hear some proper House Music, so despite the scene being new, the energy and love was certainly there!

3. Do you plan to come back soon for more future Vietnam gigs?

I am planing an extensive Asia tour from late November through to February and intend to come back to Vietnam for a while. I have an NYE party in Hanoi at Camelia Lounge and some other options on the table so I will be back to Vietnam for sure! I am also planning to host a series of Industry Masterclasses in Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City (more news to come soon!) and Bali to help spread knowledge as to what the music scene is really like (the good, the bad, the ups and downs) and how to create a long lasting career.

4. You started over 20 years ago, what is your go-to advice for any DJ/Producer?

My number one piece of advice is be true to you and what you like, don’t follow trends or try and be like your “hero” dj/producer. Trends change every 6 months and your favourite DJ is already taken. Identity is key, so make sure you create your own!

Kid Massive’s masterclass in Sapporo, Japan. The Danish House Veteran is planning his return to for more masterclasses in Ho Chi Minh City, Bali & Tokyo.

5. Not only a Producer & DJ but also a Record Label owner (Get Down Recordings), can you tell us more about Get Down Recordings, your story, motivations?

I’ve been part of the House scene for a long time and have seen many artists come and go and the main reason I am still around is that I create and play the music I truly love. My sets may slightly vary depending on the venue but the redline between every set is it always has to have that House Groove ! Get Down was set up to be a platform for new and upcoming talent as well as the more established names like Styline, Luca Debonaire & Tom Stephan. Enabling producers to have an outlet for the more funky side of things, so whilst the Get Down sound ranges from Tech to Tribal and Groove, the main focus is that it has to be funky and different. So many try and sound like what’s current and the only way to create the career you want is to be unique and stand out on your own merit.

Check out Get Down Recordings’ ADE Compilation: “Amsterdam By Night”

6. How does running a label help you with your Producing & DJing aspect?

You get to know the current genres and get introduced to the next generation of producers. Over the years Get Down has had its share signed artists that have since gone on to become big major names in the industry. My ones to watch right now on Get Down are Italian duo Skiavo & Vindes, they constantly push their production skills and every record they release really stands out. It’s great to see their profile slowly but steadily grow!

7. How does a new Producer get the attention of a label? What must they have ready before considering releasing on a label?

The best way to get attention is to simply send me a demo ( I personally listen to and reply to everything I am sent. I believe in being “that” label that cares about their artists and by engaging with them it is such a great way to motivate them to keep pushing. It’s also important to provide some basic information in the email as to who they are and what type of music they are sending, I get a lot of demos on a weekly basis so make sure the demo email you send is rememberable.

8. Can you list a do and don’t when it comes to sending a demo?

Do: provide your full contact details, soundcloud link, brief description and genre of the track.

Don’t: send music that is not in alignment with the label and our House sound (FYI we are NOT an EDM, Trap, Tropical House or Techno label)

9. For a producer from Vietnam, where dance music has only recently started to make its stand, how can an artist grow, or simply to make money from music?

First of all, it should never be about the money, if you are serious about entering the industry then make sure you have an identity and believe in the sound/product you create. If a product is popular then it will alway sell, if you try and make a product only focused on money you will ever have limited success. Create a brand that your fans can identify with, something that has the ability to grow as you grow. Make sure all your social media platforms are unified and are updated on a regular basis and make sure you treat the industry the way you yourself would want to be treated, with respect and a sense of integrity. I’ve seen artists from all sorts of backgrounds go on to become established so it has nothing to do with where you come from, or how much money you have but about how much you are willing to back what you believe in the ability to work hard and focused. Everything is a possible, the only one holding you back is you.

10. Do you have anything else exciting coming up in the near future?

I am very much involved with working with the next generation of artists within the music industry and have been working with a number of UK based Music Collages for the past 2 years on developing self awareness as to what drives them and motivates them to become part of the industry. I believe that by understanding WHY you make the choices you do, people are able to create a clearer path towards what they are ultimately seeking with fewer potential obstacles and hurdles. I will be hosting a panel at this years ADE called “Its All In The Mind” where the focus is all about how to create an identity and forge the career you want. I will be carrying on this theme in the master classes I will be hosting in Asia on my upcoming tour.

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Kid Massive will be joined by:
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