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Following the success of the 3 Fresh & Raw episode that featured itsnk, LARRIA and Stephan Duy. Loop Central continues to give fans with the brightest names in Vietnamese electronic music; Coming to the 4th episode of the radio show, we will learn about the two young DJ/Producer and director – Astronormous.

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Fresh & Raw –  Where You Find Your Favorite Music.

Loop Central – Fresh & Raw is a program that introduces music, images, and contents towards young Vietnamese artists. The show is where Vietnamese listeners and electronic music fans can enjoy the mix set and read exclusive interviews; where artists can share their stories, styles, and images through music. Besides, Fresh & Raw is a place for Vietnamese audience to discover the variety of EDM and from there welcome new artists and new music wave.

The meaning behind the name Fresh & Raw:  The combination of two adjectives used to describe things which are new but not complete, just like the young artists in Vietnam. They are people with many talents and potentials but not yet widely-known; they have not been fully supported by the Vietnamese audience as well as the entertainment industry. With Fresh & Raw, Loop Central hopes that our beloved audience can find the “rough gems”, and to create a premise for these artists to practice and improve their identity in both Vietnamese and international eyes.

Fresh & Raw: Interview with Astronourmous

Who is Astronormous?

Astronormous is an electronic music duo, Nguyễn Hải Nam and Nguyễn Hải Nguyên. Mainly started with electronic music, this talented couple always wants to develop and expand their musical colors. During their teens, the duo spent a lot of time at home and somehow, they inspire each other to create music and they both consider it their main concern.

Astronormous’s style can be said to be very diverse, during the artistic journey, the duo has collaborated with many artists, released a series of hits and can be mentioned as “Cà Phê Không Đường”, “Có Anh Ở Đây”, “Ừ Thì”… Recently, the duo also participated in Táo and Quýt’s new track named “Chơi Vơi”.


Chat with Astronormous

1. Hello Astronormous, thank you for coming to Fresh & Raw 04. First question, what grace brought you two to music?

Nguyen: Everything started when I studied in Canada, where besides studying, I had a lot of free time. I happened to see a video of Touliver one day and felt quite excited about it. From there, I started saving up to buy an Akai MPK49, gradually I was swept along.

Nam: At that time, my brother was (Nguyen) in Canada and I were in Vietnam, it was quite difficult for me because I didn’t have so many friends at school. Later on, I found myself spending a lot of time studying and making music. 

Nguyen: Astronormous was born as a coincidence. It is a compound between Astronaut and Enormous, with me Astronormous is a person who explores new things in this universe. If the earth is a safe area, then Astronormous will be the one to go out of that safe zone to enter the vastness and breadth of the universe and start exploring everything. The meaning behind this stage name is to show our desire to get out of our safe zone to find new things, even if it does not matter for others.

2. Talking about Astronormous’s music color, when a song plays, how can I know it is Astronormous?

Astronormous’s music can be said to be very diverse. Because the message we give to our fans is to get out of our own safety zone to discover new things, so we always try to be as diverse as possible, from our images to music styles.

3. According to the two of you, how interesting and influential is being partners as artists?

Nam: The advantage of being both a partner and a brother is that we always know each other well, both are aware of the other’s weaknesses and thus help each other to develop individual strengths and improve. Besides, our biggest advantage is the same music taste we share and how united we are in everything.

Nguyen: Everything is easy when we are on the same page. Many ideas are born in the process, so having two people at the studio instead of one is much different, everything will be easier and more diverse. 

4. In the process of producing music and DJ-ing, disagreements are inevitable. What are your solutions in such times? 

Nam: Disagreements usually happen when our ideas and opinions are different. In that case, we carefully consider and compare both of our ideas to choose the better one. 

Nguyen: We quarrel sometimes, but not long after that, everything somehow is back to normal. I think it’s the fact that we are brothers. We can always find a way to solve every conflict. Another solution is to tell our mom about the problem and let her solve it (laugh).

5. Recently, Astronormous has just released a new EP named It’s Okay. Can you guys share a little further about your future plans?

Nam: We have a lot of projects in the near future, one of which is an album called The Common Room. In this album, we will release 8 to 10 music products in collaboration with different musicians, singers or producers. Because it’s a collaborative album, so the audience will have a chance to listen to multiple of music genres. We want each song to show a different music color of the artists who participated, including Astronormous.

Nguyen: Along with the album, we may hold an event of the same name. At the event, we will invite the artists who have collaborated with us to perform the tracks of the album. Besides, we will build a “common room” like the foreign model to create a friendly space for the audience. We hope this helps bringing people closer.

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