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Loop Central Radio is back with EP 2, 90 minute of the latest & best of dance music! This month’s episode features music from Dirty South, Arty, Nimbia, Valy Mo & more. This month also features German DJ/Producer Styline as our special guest including his 60 minute guest mix with his great tracks and some unreleased bangers!

Started from 2009, Styline uploaded his mixes up to Youtube and gained a lot of attention. From his time living in China, Styline developed his own style Power House, and played at many major music festivals such as: Corona Sunsets, Now Or Never, STORM Festival… Styline’s been supported by many major artists, including: Axwell & Ingrosso, David Guetta, Danny Howard, Kryder, Hardwell… and signed with many of the world’s top dance music labels: Spinnin’ Records, Armada, Sosumi and Ministry of Sound.

How did you start with dance music?

Oh man, that’s so simple but also so difficult. Basically, I have always been a music collector. I would buy music on iTunes and store it on my computer.

In the summer of 2009 is when I really had my first clubbing experience. I got caught in the moment. I think I was around 16 at that time. That was exactly when I felt like: “Wow! This is something that I want to do”. So I started with no fancy equipment or such. I started with Virtual DJ, putting the songs that I liked together recording mixtapes and then putting them on Youtube. And by doing this, I grew one of the biggest channels within a year or two, just by doing mixtapes.

I didn’t even have that much in my mind about following music as a career. It was simply because I was passionate about music. I didn’t even make money from Youtube because of copyright issues. But at least that’s how I started with music.

My music taste has since developed massively over the last few years. When I listen to all of my productions from previous years, many sound terrible now. But your taste changes over the years and production techniques always improve so you will always look for something that inspires you, and I believe that’s how you develop.

So from what we know, you’ve been living in Asia for a while. How does Asia work for you?

So I’ve been based in Bali for 2 years now. I built my own studio here and it’s a very nice hub to travel to anywhere in Asia, Australia and also good to travel back to Europe too. It’s quite affordable and I love the vibe, the climate and good people all around!

What do you think about the Dance / Electronic music scene here and where do you see it going?

It’s certainly improving. I moved to Shanghai around 4-5 years ago now when I was 18 and back then the country was just barely open to Dance music. When as a country they opened up more to the rest of the world, they got caught right when EDM was on the rise and right now it’s nothing they’ve ever seen. The problem now is that they do not have the same background or the same culture in music like the Western world. A lot of House music is based on samples from the 80s and the 90s, taking on different sounds & genres, and beats or melodies are made from those samples and they have not appeared in the Asian culture yet. Although there has been a big boom in dance music i China, the diversity of the music has been very restricted. It was just Big Room taking over everywhere. But now people are either getting tired of it or they are exploring new genres of music, giving the opportunities to more underground venues and other genres of music. In general, I think Asia is closer towards the American market with a lot of Trap & Hip Hop coming in. A lot of heavy Bass House is being played. With electronic music being so new, I always try to play a very diverse range of music when I’m in China. My set is education within entertainment, giving the crowd something new and fresh that they have never heard before that they might love, not just a set that any other DJs can play, bangers after bangers.

What are your favorite productions to this point?

That’s hard to say *chuckles* because that changes very frequently. The most recent is probably “What You Want”. I sent it to my management and they really loved it and we thought that Whore House was a great label to release it on and the track blew up! It’s probably one of our bestselling tracks to this point and we actually have a follow-up track with them soon this month, March! But yeah, it changes every month and right now it’s my collaboration with Tommie Sunshine & Wolsh. That track is MASSIVE!

So tell us about your new releases and plans!

Yes of course! 2018 has already been a massively busy year! Things kicked off with the release of “Pina Colada” a massive collab with Jude & Frank and Mojavee on their new label Revuelta Records. Than we had the debut release on my new label The Power House. Raul Mendes and I teamed up for a pumping remake of the classic “Mas Que Nada” and we got a great jackin’ house remix from Kid Massive to round out the package. The response was awesome and we saw DJ plays from guys like Kryder, Nicky Romero, EDX, Blasterjaxx, and Ummet Ozcan. Amazing start to a new chapter!

Just last week we had the release of my follow up collab with Mojavee called “Right Now” on PinkStar Records and we’ve got my solo follow up on Whore House out March 9th! The second The Power House release drops just in time for MMW on March 19th and I’m super excited for that track. It’s a great collaboration together with Dean Mason with a vocal that everyone is sure to recognize, going to cause some damage in Miami for sure!

Then we have the collaboration with Tommie Sunshine and Wolsh which is absolutely insane! I cannot tell you much about it yet, you’ll have to wait and see, maybe pay close attention to Ultra 😉 We’ve got a ton of other orginals and cool bootlegs ready for Miami as well, so if you’re in town make sure to check out my sets or tune in to the live streams from home to get a first listen!

I have been trying to develop my own sound and now I’m opening up to give other artists the chance to jump onboard with me and it has been very inspiring!

Who are you influences to create your own style “Power House”?

It started with my first residency at a club called M1NT in Shanghai. It was a prestigious club and it was quite difficult to play there. Many international acts performed but not many really caught the crowd. It’s not that big of a club and it had a very diverse crowd and it was for the VIP crowd in a sense. They had the young Chinese clubbers who want to party, the tourists who just want to let go, the business people who wanted to be there because it was a prestigious club and then the older Chinese VIP crowd who had the VIP tables and you somehow had to cater to all of those people! House music could cater to all of the crowds but you need to have some commercial elements, driving people forward so I started discovering how I can make that kind of music. So when it came to sorting it, I thought: “it’s not the House music that everyone is doing, it’s not Tech-House… but it’s House music, it’s powerful and it’s driving people forward” so I came up with the name Power House.

So Power House can be flexible in a sense, not typically its own genre?

Exactly. Because when you call it Tech-House, you are restricting yourself from just playing Tech-House. I want to be able to play in a more underground venue & also more commercial venues. I just needed a name for my own sound, that can fit in my set. But that’s also the reason why I’m starting my own Power House label to bring producers with the same taste of music.

Can you tell us more about the label?

Sure! So it will be called The Power House. In a sense that we are a hub for our artists and these artists themselves can be a Power House, meaning a person with a lot of drive, a lot of energy. I started my Power House Radio and met so many talented artists. We have a few artists that sounds a bit like Boris Brejcha, Eric Prydz, but a lot more driving and energetic so we would sort them as Power Progressive. We also have some other Brazilian Bass artists, for example Wolsh but they have a energetic twist to the genre so we would call that Power Bass, etc. We have already launched last month and our next release is March 19 – check us out!

What were some of first dance music tracks that really stuck out to you?

I think there were two that I bought when I first started. Cassius – The Sound Of Violence and Mark Knight & Wolfgang Gartner – Conscindo, both amazing tracks!

Can you tell us some of your influences?

In the last few years, one of them is Zhu. His productions are just out of this world for me. I believe he’s taking electronic music to another level. Another guy is Boris Brejcha. I’ve seen him play and his tracks are also out of this world with his own style that he calls “High-Tech Minimal”. They are both incredible! I recently discovered this Brazilian duo, Fancy Inc and their music is great! I’m talking to them at the moment. Maybe we can work on some tracks together, getting them on Power House Radio or even release on the label!

So you recently had a show in Vietnam , can you tell us how it went?

Yeah! I played at 1900 in Hanoi for Christmas Eve. I actually have played there before for their Road To 1900 series for New Year’s Eve 2017. it’s a great club and a great party! It has a Boiler Room feel because you are in the middle of the crowd, no crazy LED screens, great Funktion One sound system, the DJ booth is not elevated, you feel like you are a part of the party! Can’t wait to be back!

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