Chỉ còn chưa tới 2 tuần nữa thôi là hội nghị nhạc điện tử đình đám tại Châu Á quy tụ hàng loạt các chuyên gia từ nhiều lĩnh vực – Wired Music Week sẽ chính thức diễn và để nắm bắt được tất cả mọi thứ về hội nghị, Loop Central đã cập nhật tất cả hoạt động và lineup bên dưới! Hãy cùng xem nhé!

Tổ chức từ ngày 12 đến ngày 15 tháng 3 tại Zouk Genting – một trong những nightclub hàng đầu thuộc tập đoàn Zouk. Với sự thành công kể từ 2018, Wired Music Week năm nay sẽ tiếp tục mở rộng các hoạt động và lineup của mình, khi năm nay, ban tổ chức sẽ mang đến hơn 70 diễn giả bao gồm những người làm trong ngành công nghiệp âm nhạc và các nghệ sĩ để thảo luận về các vấn đề đang nổi bật hiện nay. Bên cạnh đó, ban tổ chức năm nay cũng sẽ mở thêm một hoạt động mới đó là Wired Black. Một Panel thảo luận về sự phát triển khi tiến vào thị trường quốc tế với tư cách là một DJ từ Châu Á với sự góp mặt của các diễn giả đến từ ngành công nghiệp nhạc điện tử Châu Á.

Đọc Thêm: Wired Music Week Công Bố Sự Kiện Wired Black: Evolution. Revolution

Một số Panel đáng chú ý khác sẽ xuất hiện tại hội nghị đó là The Evolution of The Revolution, Mental Health, Lable’s PerspectiveThe Evolution Relationship Between Artists & Managers và nhiều hơn nữa. Ngoài những panel nay, sẽ còn rất nhiều panel với nhiều chủ đề thú vị khác mà Loop Central liệt kê bên dưới.


1. Adam Mathews – Founder, Plural Asia
2. Aida Azrin – Senior Marketing, Club Kyo KL
3. Akhda – Chief Executive Officer, DanceSignal
4. Alicia FireHeart – Managing Editor, DJ Mag Malaysia
5. Alman Arrifin – Head of Entertainment, Future Sound Asia
6. Amanda Chin – Music Director, Iron Fairies Kuala Lumpur
7. Analog K – DJ / Producer, Saturday Selects
8. Andrew Teo – Director, AOS Collective
9. Andy Samin – A&R Manager, Barong Family
10.Arkham Knights – Artist
11.Arthur Velasquez – Founder, Prelude Asia
12.Arun Ramanathan – Business Development Manager, Mixmag Asia
13.Arzuk Qursheed – Producer
14.Blink – Head of Content & Entertainment, Zouk KL
15.Boris Deckers – Head of A&R Mixmash Records
16.Catherine Brogan – Founder, Nose KL
17.Christian Schwanz – Brand Specialists, Ableton
18.Craig Burridge – Event Designer, Dreadnaut Creatives
19.Daaliah – DJ / Producer, Saturday Selects
20.Daniela Horeanga – Founder, Art Xtreme Media
21.Darren Choy – Managing Director, Warner Music Malaysia
22.Didi Han – Artist
23.Donald Hau – Managing Editor, Mixmag China
24.Elaine Tan – Head of Production, Zouk Genting
25.Erik Leenders – Managing Director, David Lewis Productions Asia-Pacific
26.Esta Ricardo – Founder, Gender Funk
27.Evan Sacks – Chief Executive Officer, 1001tracklists
28.Fake Shamans – Founder, Fake Rituals
29.Godwin Pereira – Founder, Club Kyo KL
30.Guillaume De Marquille – Head of Music, Wonderfruit
31.Halim Ardie – Co Founder, Rainforest Pavilion
32.Henri Lessing – Chief Executive Officer, AGE Media
33.Irwan – Artist
34.Jacob Merlin – Chief Marketing Officer, 1001tracklists
35.Jacqueline Raposo – Managing Editor, Hybrid Media
36.Jason Cheah – Nightlife Editor The City List KL / Music Columnist The Star
37.Jason Kong – General Manager, Zouk At Sea
38.Jeremy Lim – Managing Director, Dragonfly KL
39.Jesper Skibsby – Chief Executive Officer, WARM
40.Jet Law – Creative Director, Deck Time Stories
41.Johan Vandebeek – Co Founder, Karma Klique
42.Jonathan Sebastian – Pisco Bar & JK58Asia
43.Joseph Ryan – Directors of Special Projects, Zouk Genting
44.Karla Wong – Co-Founder, Plural Asia
45.Keith Tan – Director, Marketing Development, Cdbaby
46.Kenny Wee – Co Founder, Ohrwurm Kuala Lumpur
47.Kid Massive – Founder, The Mindset Sessions
48.Kimberly Tanikromo – Head of Creative Next Era Music Publishing
49.Laidback Luke – Artist
50.Lindsay Ryklief – Founder, Shade | SIN
51.Mack Hampson – Commercial Director, Musiio
52.Marc Lankreijer – AMS Bookings
53.Marc Robert – Partner, FMLY Asia
54.Marc Vincent – CEO, K-Array
55.Markus Schulz – Artist
56.Mikhail Schemm – Founder, CC:Concepts
57.Minh Tran – Certified Ableton Trainer
58.Munir Septiandry – Midnight Runners
59.Nakadia – Artist
60.Nazreen Mawie – Co Founder, Voidrealm
61.Nigel Hills – Head of Production, Zouk Live
62.Olga Heijns – CEO Mixmash & Next Era Music Publishing
63.Oliver Osborne – DJ / Producer, Eyes To The Front
64.Olivia Wycech – Managing Editor, Mixmag Asia
65.Oskar Eichler – Chief Operating Officer, 1001tracklists
66.Paul Hugo – Country Director, Hakkasan Group
67.Paul Neuteboom – Chief Executive Officer, Brotherhood Music
68.Peter Eugene – Head of PR Shagrilla
69.Philpp Grefer – Founder, Wise / Fake Music Media
70.Priya Dharshini – Content Manager,Hitz
71.Rachata Thunyavuthi – CEO, One Asia
72.Reuben Samuel – Founder, Mile High Sounds
73.Richard Holland – General Manager, Iron Fairies Kuala Lumpur
74.Rimka Sandhu – Resident DJ, Art Xtreme Media
75.Robb Harker – CEO, Supermodified Agency
76.Robin Leembruggen – Head of A&R & Artist Relation, Liquid State
77.Roshan Menon – Founder, Saturday Selects
78.Sanjeev Raj – Entertainment Manager, Kyo Club KL

79.Sarayu Sriyuksiri – Founder, More Rice Records
80.Sihk – Artist
81.Sivanesh Pillai – Head Resident DJ, Celavi Singapore
82.Stephanie Dickson – Founder, Green Is The New Black
83.Stephen Dowler – Brand Manager APAC, Monstercat
84.Stijn Van Dijken – Event Manager, Revealed Recordings
85.Sunju Hargun – Co Founder, Karma Klique
86.Takahara Suiko – Venopian Solitude
87.Thijs Van Gils – Label Manager, Barong Family
88.Tia Lieu – Co-Owner, 1900 Le Theatre
89.Tobias Fowler – Director, Abstrkt
90.Victor G – Music Director, W Hotel Kuala Lumpur
91.Vivin Kuruvilla – Product Specialists
92.Wayne Lee – General Manager, Zouk Singapore
93.Westseven – DJ / Producer
94.Zaran Vachha – Co Founder, Collective Minds
95.Zig Zach – Founder, Blackout Agency

Mọi Hoạt Động Của Wired Music Week (Workshop, Demo, Keynote, Side Activies, After Parties)

  1. Balancing & Sustainability – Artists Living A Double Life
    2. Currency of Clubbing
    3. How Date Makes A Difference – (Hosted By 1001tracklists)
    4. A Label’s Perspective: Merging East and West In The Artist’s Strategy
    5. Mental Health: What has changed, Since our last discussion?
    6. Music Festivals: Make, Break or Sustain
    7. Music Sustainability: Label Deals vs. Independent Releases Debate
    8. Radio In A Streaming Age
    9. The Evolution of The DJ and Production Industry Over The Past Two Decades
    10. The Evolving Relationship Between Artists & Managers – Powered By Mixmag
    11. Unlock The Value of Global Radio Airplay Data
    12. Zouk: Creating Club Experiences Anywhere
  1.  Ableton Live Hacks
    2. Basic Analog Synthesis
    3. Breaking Barriers Through Music
    4. Breaking The Ghost Producing Taboo
    5. Denon DJ presents Laidback Luke: The Power Of Creative DJing
    6. Frequency Lab Session – Arkham Knights
    7. Frequency Lab Session – Sihk
    8. In Conversation With Cee, Venopian Solitude, Froya, Analog K And Fauxe
    9. Irwan Presents: How To Make DJing Fun Again
    10.Musiio Pres. AI & The Future of Music Search For DJs
    11.Native Instruments Komplete – A Deeper Dive
    12.Native Instruments Komplete – An Introduction
    13.Producing A Track In 60mins
    14.Production Breakdown
    15.Revealed Recordings Pres. How To Get Signed By Record Label
    16.Revealed Recordings Pres. Social Advertising For Artists
    17.The Universal Music Production Masterclass by Styline
Industry Panel / Keynote:
  1. Building Bridges Within Your City To Create A Better Scene
    2. Evolving As An Asian DJ Into The International Circuit – Keynote Interview: Nakadia
    3. From Humble Beginnings To Extraordinary Heights
    4. In Conversation With Agent & Promoter Synchronization
    5. Independent Publishing & Labels In Asia Today
    6. Queer History And Its Importance To Underground Music
    7. Sustainability And Underground Music Events
    8. The Art Of Negotiation
    9. The Evolution Of The Revolution
    10.The Future Of Journalism, Borders And Beyond
    11.Young & Thirsty
  1. Getting Your Music In The Game
    2. Workshop: Steps For Success In Sync
    Presented by: Mark Frieser, CEO of Sync Summit & Disconic
    3. Production Breakdown “Peanut Butter”
    Presented by: Weird Genius
  1. Wellness Sessions – April Kuan
    2. Giant Beer Pong Challenge
    3. Dance Music Trivia
    4. Sunday Brunch Party
    5. Pro-Networking Drinks Sessions
    6. DJCity Malaysia Linkup (First Edition In Malaysia)
    7. Gala Dinner
AFTER PARTIES – (10PM till late)
  1. Thursday 12.3 – WMW2020 Official Opening Party – Empire
    2. Friday 13.3 – Wired Black After Party – Empire
    3. Friday 13.3 – Connect Asia Opening Party – Zouk Genting
    4. Saturday 14.3 – Markus Schulz & Arkham Knights – Zouk Genting
    5. Saturday 14.3 – Siam Songkran Festival Takeover Party – Empire
    6. Saturday 14.3 – Wired Black Pres. 10 Years of Ohrwurm – FuHu
    7. Sunday 15.3 – Re:Wired Opening Party – Empire

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